Upgrading my Pajamas

I had been looking to upgrade my pajama situation for a while now. My go-to uniform has always been my decade old high-school t-shirt and my husbands pajama bottoms. I have been on the hunt for a classic style of pyjamas inspired by the 60’s. In particular, my inspiration came from this scene from Man from UNCLE and these ones from the Queen’s Gambit. I could watch Man from UNCLE over and over, it is one of my favourite movies. And we all know I am obsessed with The Queen’s Gambit from this past post. Anyways back to pajamas… I did find a pair that came highly recommended, this pair from Nordstom. While I really liked them, I was not so fond of the $84 price tag. $84 for pyjamas?! I just couldn’t do it.

I finally found a pair that look identical for half the price ($39.90 to be exact). They are from Uniqlo and they have a bunch of different options for colours, patterns, and material. I bought two pairs – this one is more cotton-y and most similar to the Nordstrom pair. This second pair is a bit lighter material, perfect for sleeping in the summer. They are both super comfortable and look exactly as I was hoping. In fact, my family loved them so much my dad bought my mom two pairs for her birthday.

While I still wear my old t-shits (I will never throw them out) it has been nice to upgrade to something that feels more put together, even if it is just for around the house. Are you an old t-shirt pajama person or do you prefer a matching set? What are your favourite pajamas?

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