Day-to-Day: Trish Marks

Welcome back to one of my favourite series, Day-to-Day, where I get to interview an amazing woman that I admire. I always find it so fun to get a better idea of what their life looks like, what they are enjoying, and what may be challenging. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

This post is with my friend Trish, who I got to know through my sister Tori. Tori and Trish did their undergrad degrees together and have both gone into Medicine. Dr. Trish Marks is a super fun, talented and caring person. I admire her so much working as an Emergency Medicine resident during this pandemic. She is doing her residency in Halifax (one of my favourite cities) and is a class-A cook and baker. Trish may not know this, but she was my inspo for wearing bold lipsticks, after seeing her rock her signature red lip. Here is what Trish’s Day-to-Day looks like at the moment…

What does a typical weekday morning look like for you? Where are you off to?

It depends on the day for me since I work shift work. If I’m off to the hospital, it usually starts with snoozing my alarm 5 minutes too long and trying to eat breakfast while simultaneously getting ready to rush out the door. My favourite weekday mornings are when I’m off – I like to start the day with a latte and homemade sourdough toast, which I have while doing a crossword. I normally catch up on emails and little tasks I have to do for work or around the apartment.

What do you wear to work? Favourite work outfits?

This one isn’t too exciting, since I wear scrubs all day at work! Traveling to and from work, my go-to clothes are a t-shirt and my Lululemon pants. The On-The-Fly pants are comfy when I’m heading to work at weird times of day, and easy to change in and out of!

What are the beauty products you can’t live without and repurchase over and over?

Probably my favourite beauty product is the Sephora brand lip stain. I’m really into the nice matte lip colours and the clear definition you get with the applicator. I can’t wait for COVID to be over, so I won’t have a mask covering my lips! Other than that, I tend to have a fairly simple daily beauty routine. I’ve recently gotten in to the NYX concealer and eyebrow pencils since I find they tend to last pretty well throughout the day.

What is your favourite thing to do on a weekend? Favourite weekend pieces?

So many things! I’m a foodie, so naturally my favourite weekend activities are centered around food. I love going out for or hosting a big potluck brunch or Sunday night dinner with my close friends. On Saturday mornings, I love heading to the farmer’s markets with a nice coffee. If I’m not eating, I might be at the bouldering gym, or going on a hike somewhere in Nova Scotia (and maybe even borrowing someone’s dog)!

What are your favourite weekend pieces?

I love getting a little dressed up for brunch or dinner. My favourite recent purchase is a pair of tan-colour flowy midi-length pants from Babaton, that I pair usually with a black top (tank or long-sleeve depending on the season). Of course this time of year, you need a cute coat to go with your ensemble, and for me that’s my deep red Cole Haan wrap coat (which of course matches my lipstick)!  If I’m feeling extra fancy, a pair of black chunky heeled booties really completes the look!

What makes you feel beautiful or confident?

Under eye concealer (haha) and a good lip stain!

How do you take care of yourself?

I really like cooking and trying out new recipes, so a big part of taking care of myself is having good food to eat. Especially when I’m heading to the hospital for a 26h call shift – knowing that I have tasty food to eat really helps my morale! Otherwise, I try to do a balance of biking, yoga, swimming and bouldering.

That said, I think a big part of my happiness is being around other people, so my self-care often entails a full social calendar!

What is your current profession, and how did you end up there?

I’m a resident physician in Emergency Medicine. When I was 10 years old I decided that I wanted to be a doctor. That has stuck with me so I applied to med school after my undergrad. For years I was convinced that I was going to be a surgeon, then in my third year of medical school I ended up liking everything which made me very confused as to what to do. A few months before I was supposed to apply to residency programs, I did my Emergency Medicine rotation. At that moment everything just clicked for me! I love the fast pace of our assessments, the personalities I get to work with, and the opportunity to make a difference for someone in what is probably one of their worst moments and when they are at their most vulnerable.

What is most important to you right now?

Getting everyone vaccinated so we can all see our friends and family again! I was privileged enough to be among the first group of healthcare providers immunized in Nova Scotia (with minimal side effects for those who are worried).  I feel grateful to the scientists, volunteers and funding bodies who have worked to develop, trial and administer what is a safe and effective vaccine – and of course to public health and our general public who has stayed home even though it’s not the easy thing to do. 

What have you been enjoying watching/reading/doing lately?

I started watching Schitt’s Creek during the first wave of the lockdown and I have to say, it’s probably one of the best and most heartwarming shows I’ve seen in a while! Other than that, I’ve been re-watching New Girl, knitting a blanket for my brother and baking. Years ago when I first started baking, I did mostly cakes and cookies, but in the last few years I’ve been getting more into sourdoughs, pies and bars too!

Go to meal to cook right now?

That’s a tough one! I usually like to try out new recipes and don’t do a lot of repeats. This plant-based cookbook I have (Oh She Glows Everyday) has a few good recipes that I really love though. One is a sundried tomato and basil pasta and the other is a chickpea cashew Caesar salad. 

What is stressing you out at the moment? How are you managing it?

I don’t think there is one specific thing that has been stressing me out lately. I think like everyone else, it’s been challenging when COVID restrictions change so often and quickly. Other than that, I’d say I’ve gone through waves of imposter syndrome this year with some of the more acute care rotations that we do as a part of our residency (I’m starting ICU soon for example).  I think my approach for both of these is to take things day by day, lean on my amazing support system of friends and co-residents and try to remember to do the things for myself that make me happy outside of work!

What has been a big challenge that you have faced and how have you overcome it?

Probably the biggest challenge I have faced recently was moving to the East Coast to start residency. When I matched to Halifax, I knew one other person from my medical school who was also going to Halifax, but not really anyone else. Fortunately for me, we were on the same page about becoming each other’s new best friend – we even joked that we were mandatory best friends, and rented apartments in the same building. I would say having her as a friend and doing my best to be a “yes” person as much as possible when I first moved here really helped to make me feel settled and build my circle of friends. Oh, and lots of phone and video calls with my friends who seem to have scattered across the country!

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I’m hoping that as the COVID vaccine rollout happens, that we might see some easing of restrictions at some point in 2021!

Thank you Trish, I loved reading this so much! Thanks for everything you are doing as a Physician in this crazy time and I hope you keep taking care of yourself with all of your amazing baking and cooking, and of course rocking a bold lip 😉

Would you like to participate in the Day-to-Day series? Let me know I would love to hear from you. If you would like to check out the previous Day-to-Day interview with my friend Emma, you can find it here.

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