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Do You Live-to-Eat or Eat-to-Live?

I will never forget having a conversation with a friend of mine in university. He said that if he could, he would take a pill each morning to sustain him so he wouldn’t have to worry about eating. To him, preparing meals and eating was a time consuming inconvenience that he would be willing to skip altogether if possible. My mind was boggled! That thought had never ever crossed my mind.

I likely fall on the opposite end of the spectrum from my friend- I am in the group of the food obsessed. When is my next meal? What are we eating? Cooking show on TV, I’m watching. Why don’t we have people over for dinner this weekend? I also come from a family who thinks the same way, we all gather around and grew up cooking.

I love eating good food, cooking and everything that goes along with it – and there is a lot that goes along with it. Meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing food (with a glass of wine of course). I find it all fun and relaxing.

When travelling, the way I experience a new place or city almost always is highlighted by a memorable meal. I will often plan a travel itinerary solely around where I want to eat! To me, it’s the best way to experience a culture and way of life. I also always try to source out where the locals go to eat instead of the “tourist” spots. When planning our honeymoon, in addition to all of the historic sites was a detailed list of restaurants close by that I wanted to try. Some of my favourite memories from our trip to Italy were a cooking class and our many memorable meals.

While I lean toward team “live-to-eat”, obviously that isn’t always overly practical. Like anything in life, it’s a compromise and a balance. But in my opinion, we might as well find a little extra joy in something we all have to do to survive (at least until that pill is invented)!

Where do you fall on the eat-to-live or live-to-eat divide? Have you ever planned a trip solely around where you want to eat? I’d love to hear!

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