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I hope you had a wonderful, though I’m sure different, Christmas. We have spent a lot of time on Zoom and FaceTime, have been bingeing Harry Potter movies, and going for snowy hikes. I would love to hear how you spent Christmas this year!

As the year comes to a close, the end of 2020 also marks one year of Things I Tell My Sister. Thanks so much for reading! I would love to hear what posts you have enjoyed and what you would like to see more of.

Here are some of the most popular posts from this year:

If you haven’t tried Knix underwear yet, I highly recommend! Have you tried them? Game changer.

My beautiful and brilliant sister wrote a guest post about long distance relationships. It is one of my favourite posts, and one of the most read!

I wrote this post about old friends after COVID inspired a weekly girls night via FaceTime.

Two very popular posts were about skincare ingredients and my skin care routine. I have really embraced upping my skincare game and am happy to report my skin has never been better!

It feels like forever ago since our wedding, but as 2021 and a new wedding season approaches, I hope this post about wedding traditions we skipped may be helpful!

One of my favourite posts, and one I plan on doing more of in 2021, was the Day-to-Day interview with my dear friend Emma. Keep your eyes out for more of these in the upcoming months. If you would like to be a part of this series and participate in an interview, please message me!

Thanks again for being here. What would you like to see? Did you have any favourite posts from this year? I’d love to hear from you!

XO Spence

A lifestyle blog inspired by all of the things I share with my twin sister. Skincare and style finds, food ideas, health and advice.

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