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I have been on quite the binge-watching streak and am in need of new suggestions! I have devoured the last two series I have watched, so I need some good recommendations. The two shows I have torn through could not be more different, The Queen’s Gambit and Emily in Paris. The Queen’s gambit is intense and dramatic, while Emily in Paris is light and perfectly cheesy. If you haven’t already seen them, I can’t recommend these series highly enough. If you have seen them, chime in with your thoughts! Did you like them as much as I did?

The Queen’s Gambit

This was such an amazing series. It is so addictive. The characters and the story are fantastic, but I think my favourite part may be the 60’s fashion – the hair, the clothes, the makeup… I had a sudden urge to cut my hair into a bob. I loved how they easily could have chosen to dress Beth, a chess prodigy surrounded my men, in dowdy clothing. Instead, she is glamorous and fashionable. Why can’t a woman be an academic and into fashion?

Though more intense, it avoids being too heavy or stuffy and lands on entertaining and interesting. This show caused more than a few late nights and slip of the “play next episode” finger. I am jealous of anyone who hasn’t watched it yet because they get to watch it with fresh eyes. Apparently there has been a huge uptake in people wanting to learn chess after watching the series, I think it is because the show showcases the game in such a sexy and exciting light.

Emily in Paris

So the only thing I could think of while watching this series was “it is a grown-up version of a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie (When in Rome, Our Lips are Sealed, Passport to Paris) or the Lizzy McGuire movie”. It is so corny and cheesy, which, as long as you embrace, adds to the humour. It was nice in the evenings to watch something light and entertaining.

Also, it was such a nice dose of travel and escapism. I’m sure we are all craving a change in scenery! As per the YA series of my childhood, it allows you to explore a city when travel is not possible. While I found the main character Emily a bit annoying for the first few episodes, much like her French colleagues, she also eventually grew on me with her relentless enthusiasm.

Have you seen these two series? What were your thoughts? What have you been watching recently? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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