For Your Coffee Scrolling… October

I hope you had a good thanksgiving weekend, even though I’m sure it looked quite different this year. I would love to hear how you and your family spent thanksgiving this year – did you do a virtual get-together? Drop off turkey dinner to loved ones? Our turkey leftovers are never-ending since our gathering was much smaller than usual this year, but we somehow decided to make TWO turkeys… one smoked and one roasted to compare.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here with lots of changes on the horizon (more on that later). Here is what I have been browsing around the web with my morning coffee to add some calm to hectic mornings…

I have officially found my dream house. It reminds me so much of my grandparents farmhouse but with a modern twist.

With Bon Appetite no longer on youtube (and for good reasons) I have been LOVING getting my Sohla fix from the Babish Culinary Universe’s new series “Stump Sohla”. In particular, her 7-course tasting menu made from convenience store snacks was freaking magical.

This made me laugh, pleasantries are weird these days am I right?

I have been eyeing up this delicate gold necklace and this bolder one. However, in an effort to avoid buying new, I recently asked my mom if she had any gold necklaces she wasn’t wearing. I came away with two beautiful necklaces and a bracelet that were buried in an old jewellery box in storage. I would highly recommend asking family members if there is jewellery they are no longer wearing!

A great way to support local female artists – I loved browsing the online shop. I am currently obsessed with everything this artist does, include this beautiful minimalist nude.

What have you been browsing or reading with your morning coffee? Have you come across anything interesting? I’d love to hear if you would like to share.

*Photo from Marcia J. Bianchi studio

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