Thrifting Parisian Style- Part 2: The Hunt and Gather

Picking up where we left off… after creating my list and inspo photos (from this post) I was off to thrift shop! Thrifting was so much fun, I’m officially a convert. It’s so exhilarating to find a diamond in the rough. Every time I find a winner I feel like I hit the jackpot, won the lottery, and all the stars aligned. The best part? I get that same thrill every time I put my new find on.

If I couldn’t find something second hand, I tried to reutilize pieces that I already had in my closet. I did end up buying a couple of things online as well.

Where I looked:

Thrift Stores: Value Village, Talize, local consignment stores

Online Thrift Stores: ThredUp, Poshmark

Online: Etsy, Uniqlo, Dr. Martens

The three biggest “thrifting tips” that helped me:

  1. Don’t be afraid of the mens section – In fact, I spent more time thrift shopping in the mens racks than the women’s! Some of the best pieces to shop for in the mens section include:
    • Jeans – I only found Levi’s in the mens section, there were none in the women’s. They are often 100% cotton (with no stretch) which I am always on the hunt for and have a great boyfriend fit.
    • Jackets – I have found the best jean jackets, trench coats, and leather jackets here. Again, they have a perfect oversized fit.
    • Button down shirts – I find the mens shirts have a more classic shape and aren’t too fitted.
    • T-shits – I love that they are often 100% cotton, and tend to have a more classic shape.
    • Blazers – I love a menswear inspired blazer so might as well go straight to the source!
  2. Look at the tags – Where was it made? What is it made from? Look for materials that are durable and classic. For example, I always look for cotton, linen, wool, leather, and cashmere.
  3. Be on a mission – Have what you are looking for in mind. This is where having my photos and list came in handy! It streamlines the process and keeps you from buying things you don’t really need.

Here is how I made out on my hunt! Scroll through each picture set to see each piece. I hope you enjoy my personal thrifting fashion show ๐Ÿ˜‰


Jeans, Floral Skirt

Jeans: I scored two pairs of Levi’s from Value Village. As I said, I found them both in the mens section! Since they are mens, I looked for a slim fit. Both are high waisted and straight cut. The darker wash are a size 32 and fit me like a glove! The lighter wash are a 34 and a bit baggier, but soooo comfortable! $18, $11

Skirt: I found this skirt at Value Village and instantly loved it… it reminds me of the ones my grandma Candy used to wear. Since its more feminine and “grandma chic” I like to pair it with something more masculine or structured (like this button down in the photo). I thought it fit pretty closely to what I was looking for $8

Tops (short sleeve):

Cami, T-Shirt, Blouses

Cami: This basic white cami I ended up buying online from Uniqlo. How had I never shopped this brand before?? They have GREAT basics. This cami is 100% cotton and great for layering or on its own. I love the ribbed texture and hint of lace at the top. $7.90

T-Shirt: I found this cool 100% cotton t-shirt in the men’s section of Value Village. I instantly loved the astrology/cardinal direction motif. $4.99

Collared blouse: I fell in love with the colour and quality of this blouse. I thought it fit the vintage vibe and had a similar shape to what I was looking for. Value Village $10

Seersucker blouse: My aunt gave me an education that this light, gauzy material is called seersucker -who knew? I love the wrap style and the blue-and-white gingham print is similar to this inspo photo. Value Village $7.99

Tops (long sleeve):

Oxford button down, Wrap Blouse, Sweaters

Oxford: I found this button down at Talize, in guess where?…the mens section! It is so soft and has the best worn-in feel- someone else did all of the work to wear it in for me! I’ve been wearing it to work tucked into dress pants or can tie it for a more casual look with jeans. $9

Wrap blouse: I already had this black wrap blouse in my wardrobe. It was from Banana Republic last year – here is the link. It is an almost perfect swap for one of my favourite blouses from Rouje.

Cashmere Sweater: I found this 100% cashmere sweater from Club Monaco at Talize. It’s so soft and reminds me of the sweaters I had in the early 2000’s. $17

Chunky knit sweater: I already had this grey knit sweater and it is one of my favourites. I found it in the Gap mens clearance section. All of the women’s sweaters were made from acrylic and were too tight… so I ventured into the mens section and came out with this 100% cotton classic.


Slip dress, wrap dress

Slip dress: I found this slip dress at Uniqlo and thought it was a pretty darn good match to my inspo photos and the more expensive versions I had my eye on. I loved this colour and print. $12.90

Wrap dress: I have always been a huge wrap dress fan and couldn’t resist this one from Uniqlo. I feel like it is pretty spot on to the ones I was looking for. $29.90

Red wrap dress: This was another Value Village find. Made in Canada and in fantastic condition. The colour and cut remind me of my grandma’s style – red was her favourite colour. I feel like it’s a classic that I will wear for years and years. $19


Trench, leather jacket, Menswear blazer

Trench: I found this trench at Vallue Village. The outside is a cotton-polyester blend and has the nicest shape and details. The lining is also a really cute check pattern which I love since I will likely wear it open the majority of the time. $19

Leather Jacket: This may be one of my favourite Value Village finds! This black leather jacket fits like it was made for me. I love that the shape is very simple and classic. The leather is so soft and made in Spain. Does it get any better than a classic leather jacket for $25?!

Blazer: This blazer is from the Talize mens section. It’s not too heavy and has the perfect oversized fit without being too big in the shoulders. I loved the brown tweed pattern, it reminded me of this dreamy picture $17


White sneakers, black leather ankle boots

White Sneakers: I actually ended up finding these in the Talize Mens section – the joys of having big feet! They are an all leather upper with a rubber sole. Super comfortable and durable. I like the white leather over canvas because they just wipe clean. $19

Black Leather Boots: Soooo…. I did splurge and invested in Dr Martens. I decided on the softer leather version, which are super-duper comfortable.


Rattan bag, silk scarf

Rattan bucket Bag: I found this bag on Etsy and thought it was a dead ringer of the parisian bags I had been eying up. It is great quality and looks exactly like I was hoping! Here is the Etsy link of the one I purchased.

Silk Scarf: Crushing on parisian hairstyles had me finally break out my grandmas silk scarf. I never would have thought, but I actually love how it looks tied in my hair! I guess you never know until you try!

Macrame/knit bag: Im not sure what to call this bag, but I love the sunflower/sun pattern. It is in great condition and is the perfect size! Value Village $8.99

How did I do? I’m overall really happy with how I did! I feel like the pieces I bought are classics that will have a place in my wardrobe for years to come. Overall, I just find shopping second hand so fun and relaxing. I always feel like each piece has its own story- I’m always left wondering who owned it before and what kind of adventures they got up to in it! Oh if our clothes could talk!

Have you gotten into shopping second hand? What are your all-time best finds? I’d love to hear about what you have found and your experiences!

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