Clearly Glasses – An Online Shopping Story

I had been wanting a new pair of glasses for quite a while. Since I wear glasses everyday at work and my run-in’s with uveitis had me avoiding contacts for months at a time, I was getting bored of my same old frames (even though I loved them). I was also interested to see if blue-light lenses would make a difference for me with the computer at work and at home.

As luck would have it, during a FaceTime chat with my friend Claudia the other day, I complimented her on her glasses (see photos). They were so fun and cute! She told me that she got them online. Online?! I would never have the balls to buy something like glasses online! But with COVID having my optometrist closed and Claudia’s recommendation, I decided to investigate. I’m so glad I did.

Claudia mentioned the site that she had used was . Clearly also just happens to be where Jillian Harris (one of my favourite people to follow on social media) gets her super cute glasses from. The Clearly website was easy to use and even has a try-on feature. The try-on feature uses your camera and superimposes the glasses onto your face. While it’s not perfect, it at least gives you a sense of what the shape and colour would look like on you. I also found the photos of other people wearing them very helpful to get an idea of what they actually look like. In the past, I have found my face tricky to find glasses shapes that work, but between these two features I made out ok!

After you select your frames, you input your prescription. Problem solving tip #1: if you are like me and do not have a copy of your prescription hanging around, I called the last place I used my prescription (for me it was the Costco optical dept), and had them email a copy to me. Then you select your lenses. I added blue light/screen protection and thinner lenses. Problem solving tip #2: they ask for your pupillary distance (PD) which is the distance between your pupils. Obviously it would be best to have this measured by an eye care professional, but since the measurement wasn’t on my prescription and *cough #COVID, I measured it myself with a ruler following these instructions. The average is apparently 63mm, which is what I measured, making me feel more confident that I didn’t mess it up. My glasses also work perfectly, so i must have done something right!

With frames ranging from $29 – $85 (brand names like Oakley and Michael Kors are obviously more) and lenses ranging from $55 – $170 depending on what add-ons you want, most of the glasses I put together ended up around $200. Not bad, but also not great. But then…. there are the sales. On your first pair you get 40% off. So my first pair ended up being $120 (they include free shipping). They also almost always have some sort of sale on frames, lenses, or a BOGO event. If you take advantage of discounts and sales, they suddenly become pretty darn cost effective! They also email you an official receipt that you can submit to insurance to have the cost reimbursed.

The other awesome thing is that you can construct prescription sunglasses. I already have prescription sunglasses and could not recommend them more highly as you can see in this past post. Using Clearly would be a super cost effective way of buying a pair of prescription sunnies, and just in time for summer! My sister Tori is already on the hunt for frames to make her sunglasses.

I’m really enjoying having multiple frames to match my mood. As far as the blue-light protection, I have only been wearing my new glasses for a few weeks, but I have been finding screens easier on the eyes. Apparently the blue light filter can also make it easier to fall asleep if you are looking at screens right up until you go to bed… which I hate to admit, but is 100% me. I will report back if I find it makes a difference with sleep. Overall, I am super happy with my purchase! I ended up loving both of the frames I decided on – these blush pink ones and these more retro tortoise shell style. They fit well, seem to be good quality, and I can see “clearly” – see what I did there?? 😉

Some other frames I loved but didn’t end up buying include these clear ones, these brown ones, and these pink ones. Do you have any favourites?

If you are looking to switch up your glasses, looking to try out adding blue-light protection like me, or looking for prescription sunglasses, it might be worth while checking out Clearly. I would love to hear if you have bought glasses online. Would you consider it? If you have, what site did you use? Were you happy with your purchase? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are!

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