The Joy of Old Friends

With quarantine keeping us safe at home, I must say one of the best things to come out of it for me has been getting to chat more often to old friends. Where life typically makes it tough to match up schedules, most of us are suddenly left with a lot more free time at home. The pandemic has taught me the joy that can come with taking life a bit slower. I don’t have to always be so scheduled and busy. Having the time to Facetime and catch up has been the best. It has also made me realize that after this is all over, it is something I want to prioritize doing more often.

For the past couple of weeks I have had a standing Friday night Girls Night date with my sister Tori, and my best friends from high school Claudia and Jacqueline. The four of us have been friends for 14 years. It has been so fun to chat regularly and has helped me feel like myself in these crazy times. During our virtual visits, significant others make cameo appearances and wine is always involved. We are able to catch up on what is happening right now as well as reminisce about some pretty hilarious stories.

We are also planning a “30th birthday year” girls trip – mind you that is still 2 years away. Even if it is a while off, being able to think about travelling again has been so therapeutic. We are all dreaming about what we will do once we can see each other in person again.

I think the best thing about “old friends” is they have seen you grow through the most formative years of your life. They have been there through high school, university and starting careers. They have been there for weddings, engagements and new houses, but also for the health scares, heartbreak and funerals. They have seen you at your best, at your worst, and everywhere in between.

We have often discussed why our friendship has lasted into adulthood where others have faded away. We decided part of it is that we are all “low maintenance friends”. There is no guilt tripping or being upset if a plan doesn’t take shape – we all understand life is busy and we all get pulled in a million directions. Similarly, if one of us is going through a hard time we reach out and let each other know we may need a little more support or contact than usual. We all realize it is just impractical to expect friends to have mind-reading capabilities. We may go a while between seeing each other or catching up, but when we do, watch out world! We pick up at 28 just like we did at 18.

My reaction to seeing Claudia and Jacqueline before my wedding. I saw them through the window above the photographers head.
The aftermath <3

We also make the little things count. Whether it’s a message, quick phone call, or a tea date when someone is in town. We all make an effort to keep connected even though we all live in different cities (and even a different country)! At the end of the day, we all know that if needed, we would drop everything to be there for each other.

During our latest date, we also went down a fantastic and hilarious rabbit hole of looking at old photos. Here are some of the winners if you would like to have a peek!

Ahh… well that was fun. Did you catch the VERY high school purses, boots and mitts? Hilarious. We were discussing how 16 year old us would have thought that we would be very mature and “adult” at 28, when in reality, really not much has changed! Have you been catching up with friends during the quarantine? How do you maintain those relationships? I’d love to hear any fun tips or stories (and of course please share any old photos)!

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  • Karen Candy

    What a great post! Our oldest, “bestest” friends are like the stars…you don’t always see them but you always know they are there. Love to my treasured friends old and new….Teresa, Lori, Cheryl, Jayne and Barb!

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