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We weren’t looking for a new mattress, I thought ours was perfectly fine. The thought of mattress shopping was not high up on my “that sounds fun” list. But then my husbands parents asked us to pick out a mattress we liked for their guest bedroom since it would be us sleeping there the majority of the time. And so began the hunt for 1 mattress that ended with 3 purchased – one for their guest bedroom, one for us, and my sister-in-law even got in on the deal. After browsing and researching we found the Endy and didn’t look back! Here is some info on why we chose the Endy mattress.

Endy VS. Casper

We tried them both out and found that the Endy suited us much better. We found the Casper very hard without much give or softness. The Endy is also firm but has a soft layer on top. Since my husband and I are both side sleepers, we found the Endy much more comfortable.


Spending $$ on a mattress is not a glamorous task since no one will really know except you. However, given the amount of time we spend in bed and the impact of sleep on quality of life, I was willing to get the best mattress for us. Turns out, we were pleasantly surprised that our favourite mattress came in at under $1000 ($850), had a 100 day trial period/return policy, and was delivered to our door. No strapping a mattress to the top of a car fiasco. They also often have sales where you can save up to $100, which given the already low price is huge! They also offer free shipping in Canada.

What bed frame can it be used on?

The Endy can be used on either a box spring (apparently this makes the mattress feel slightly more firm) or a slats frame with the slats less than 3″ apart (for a slightly softer feel). We went with a slats bed frame and it has worked beautifully for us!

My favourite things about it:
  • It feels bigger (heyoo 😉 !) – Both the Endy and our old mattress are Queen sized beds, but the Endy feels much bigger. The Endy doesn’t sag in the middle and the edges of the bed don’t drop off at all which leaves you with maximum surface area for snoozin’.
  • It provides even weight distribution so you don’t end up with sore hips or shoulders. It’s supportive and firm but soft on top for comfort/coziness. It’s the perfect balance.
  • No motion transfer if your partner is moving around (it still can’t help with an errant knee to the bladder though, its not a miracle worker)
  • Temperature control – Both my husband and I hate getting too hot when we sleep. The Endy mattress was designed to help regulate temperatures to keep you cool while you sleep. Let me just say this is a goddsend in the summer.
  • Canadian made!
endy mattress snapshot
  • Don’t panic if you find the mattress feels a bit hard to start, I found it took a solid week for it to fully expand. There is also a bit of an adjustment period since it is so different than any other mattress we had slept on before. But again, after about a week or so, I was sold and there was no going back!
  • Buy the mattress cover! It fits perfectly, is breathable, and is protecting your investment

Are you thinking about buying or have you already purchased one of these “mattresses in a box”? What are your thoughts?

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