To Make You Smile…

I hope you have a great weekend. Here are some funny posts that I have shared with family and friends recently. I hope these give you as good of a laugh as they gave me!

There is nothing like trying on a fancy dress with full on frizz hair – its quite a look!

Why does this have to be so true? I keep having to remind myself that I am as old as my mom was when she was pregnant with my sister and I. Also can I mention the tragedy that red wine is suddenly giving me leg cramps – WT actual F

The best use of a Venn diagram since grade 3. This cracked me up.

This is why I’m in the low bun, high ponytail club. Let me tell you first hand, a curly low ponytail just gives off some serious Jacques Cartier vibes. Shall we call it French explorer chic?

Wow, thats so crazy….

So. Much. Sweat.

16 – Wow drinking coffee is so grown up!

19 – Drinking alcohol is so mature!

25+ – I’m drinking water, I’m such a responsible adult!

Sometimes you just need that retail therapy.

The Candy house on any given night circa 2004.

I shared this with my husband so he knows it’s not just me who does this. For anyone wondering, yes this is why we are running late.

Mom – I’ll kill you if you get a tattoo! Just think how it will look on your old wrinkly skin!

Also Mom – So when are we getting grandchildren (aka the cause of old wrinkly skin).

Is there anything in particular that has made you laugh lately? Please share your favourites in the comments section below.

Photo by Katie Sturino

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