For Your Sunday Morning Coffee Scrolling…

Here is what I have been enjoying watching/reading this week while sipping (ok chugging) my coffee. I have found that reading these articles has added some much needed normalcy with all the COVID updates and news. I hope these links brighten your day like they did mine!

Have you seen this video where JoJo remixes “Leave (Get Out)” to “Chill (Stay In)” for COVID-19. My 2000’s self is just loving it!

This cabin looks so beautiful and peaceful!

Have you been following the Lizzy McGuire reboot news? This article explains a lot! I hope they do make it with “adult” themes. After all, Lizzy’s fans are adults now too.

People watching has to be one of my all-time favourite activities, creepy I know, but so interesting! This article does all the work while we are staying in (the morning they observed was in February don’t worry).

This FINALLY helped me understand TikTok. Does anyone else find TikTok makes them feel a bazillion years old?

Have you watched the Vogue Beauty secrets? I love this one with Tracee Ellis Ross.

Spring fashion trends… bring on the warm weather! I am down to incorporate all of these items into my spring and summer wardrobe…except the vest, that one has me stumped. Any styling suggestions?

I am going to join this virtual book club. I think it is such a great way of connecting people right now.

What posts, articles or videos caught your interest this week or made you smile? I would love your recommendations!

Photo via @wethepeoplestyle

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