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Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

Remember back in the day, when you were obsessed with the Spice Girls or Power Rangers? You and your friends would all have your favourites and fight over who got to play who during recess? This is how I feel about the Bon Appetit staff as a full on adult. I just want to gather all my friends, fight over who gets to be Brad and who gets to be Carla, and never actually make it to doing anything else before the bell rings…

Enter the BA Test Kitchen. Overflowing with personalities and amazing recipes, updated regularly with new content. I tune in every week, multiple times per week. The best part in my opinion is each staff member is clearly themselves, quirks and all. You get to watch them interact with each other, make mistakes, and laugh it off – it’s so funny and entertaining.  The recipes are also super accessible to the home cook, not overly complex and full of food you really want to eat. The video editing is also A+, so freaking funny! Have you watched any episodes? Do you have any favourites?

Some must watch episodes to start your binge watching:

Brad and Matty make Tacos, only so you have the backstory to watch the real winner, Brad and Matty go Noodling. I was in tears watching this. Hilarious.

Carla makes Beans. What can I say, Carla is hilarious and I want to be her best friend. Mmmm bean tea! Drink up! How do I make beans less farty? She kills me.

Chris is such a character – I feel like he is the nerdy dad joking dude that you can’t help but adore. Wait for the part where he just casually dips his finger in boiling water to “taste” it for salt!!

You have to see Molly rocking her custom Cae-Sal shoes! Plus homemade caesar salad is always a winner!

Claire and Brad f*#% up making doughnuts. Its long (3 parts!!!), but hilarious. It all goes wrong, but so cute and funny! Part 1: The Beginning. Part 2: The Disaster. Part 3: Redemption.

Photo from Bon Appetit

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