Fleabag had been on my list of shows to watch for some time now (my sister kept incessantly asking me if I had watched it yet). I hadn’t found the time until I was bedridden with the flu and binge watched both seasons in one day…and let me tell you… Oh. My. God. It’s SO freaking good. Fleabag has been the only thing I can think about all week! If you haven’t watched it, you are missing out. You get to watch Fleabag, a women in her early thirties navigate family, work, love, loss and relationships. It is entertaining, hilarious, and so relatable.

The characters are complicated and flawed. Their stories are raw and messy. But it is all held together by a big dose of humor and love. It is rare to find a show that actually reflects life as the complicated and imperfect thing that it is and that everyone is really just trying to do their best to navigate it. It is equally rare to find a show that deals with all of that while still being fun to watch!

The other thing that catches your interest right away is how the camera/audience is almost a character in and of itself that Fleabag interacts with in different ways. You can tell everything she is thinking just by the way she looks at the camera. You feel like Fleabag is one of your best friends, who can let you in on her thoughts with just a look or a glance. So different than anything else I have watched.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is officially my new favourite human. My Fleabag obsession has led to a rabbit hole of watching her interviews and acceptance speeches, following bbcfleabag and fleabagmemes on instagram, and any other content I can get my hands on.

Also: THE HOT PRIEST –if you’ve watched, you know. If not, go watch.  That’s all I’m going to say. He doesn’t appear until season 2 but he is worth the wait!

Have you watched it? What were your favourite parts about it? What other shows would you recommend?

(Photo from IMDb)

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