Why hello! As you may know I have recently gotten on the Glossier train. I can’t believe it took me this long to find out about it! As my friend Claudia and I were discussing the other day, it is too bad this brand wasn’t around when we were in high school – it’s like it was made for us. Their motto is “skin first, makeup second” which is right up my alley. I am always looking for light, natural looking makeup. The other amazing thing is the majority of their products are just applied with your fingers, no brushes needed. For the last few years I have become an eyeliner and mascara only on the day-to-day gal. I found anything more ended up being too finicky or heavy and I would have to wipe it off and try to re-do it – I do not have time for that. The makeup products I have tried so far from Glossier are so foolproof to use and natural looking I have been having fun experimenting with different products. I found some real winners that make me feel like a million bucks – and isn’t that the whole point? Here is the low-down on what I have tried so far! Let me know if there is anything you love that I need to try!


I am loving this serum! While Glossier classifies this as a skincare product, I view it as a makeup product and highlighter. It keeps my skin moisturized and glowy. It’s that “I just put on all my creams on before bed” look but lasts all day. I find I tend to use just 1 pump to my cheek bones and temples for a more subtle look or 2 pumps all over for a more full on glow. The other miracle is it has not broken me out or caused any irritation. People will think you are getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and exercising every day, even if that is far from true! My sister, after a 24hr call shift with zero sleep, noted after using it “I look less grey and dead”…that is high praise ladies and gentlemen if I have ever heard it! Rating: 5/5


Lidstar in Cub may be my favourite product. It is so easy to use (it’s like finger painting since its best applied with your finger) and adds just a touch of warmth and shimmer to the eyelids. It just seems to make me look a bit more awake and alive without being obvious. It is so easy to put on -the trick I have found is once you dot some product on your lid with the applicator is to dab/pat it around the lid with your finger don’t smudge or drag it.Also, no creasing! Every other shadow I’ve tried ends up with a greasy line in my lid by the end of the day…this one stays put once it dries. Its my Christmas miracle. I definitely want to try some other colours. Rating: 5/5


Up until this point I was using the Benefit Roller Lash (which also rocks) but this one is even better. It is never clumpy, and really separates and lengthens your lashes. It also doesn’t end up under your eye at the end of the day. Also PSA….I had not replaced my eyelash curler since high school (I was still using the Revlon one which had lost all of its curling power). I recently replaced it with the Kevin Aucoin lash curler and holy s*%t! What a difference! If you were like me and have not replaced your eyelash curler its probably the best thing you could do! Rating: 4/5

Colorslide Eyeliner

These liners are so easy to use and stay put- there is no transfer to my lid crease during the day. The liner is so silky smooth it doesn’t pull or tug on my lid going on. They also come in such cool colours. I definitely use the Brack colour most often (brown, black) but I also love copper penny (a metallic copper). Rating: 4/5

Cloud Paint

I usually stay away from blush since I naturally get rosy very easily and have a lot of pink undertones, but these may have changed my mind! I have tried puff, storm and dusk. On my fair, freckly skin, I definitely prefer dusk and puff. Dusk acts almost like a blush-bronzer for me, which I love. It warms up my skin without being too dark or orange- just peachy and alive. Puff I was surprised did not make me feel too red or pink. It is just a nice touch of warmth and colour. Again these blushes are so easy to apply. You just need a VERY small dab then blend out with your finger. Rating: 4/5

Stretch Concealer

I don’t mind the stretch concealer for discolouration on my face when my face is moisturized. However for covering a zit (especially after I have treated it with my acne gel where my skin may be a bit dry or flakey) I found it did not sit well over the dry skin, it seemed to make it more obvious and was cracking. I will still use it on red spots/discolouration, under the eye, around the nose etc. where my skin is moisturized. I just won’t be using it on my pimples or chin after I have treated it with my acne gel. Rating: 3/5

Boy Brow

The best brow gel out there. I had previously been using Benefit Gimme Brow, but found it burned my skin, got really clumpy, and was a bit too obvious. Boy brow is buildable, easy to use and subtle (I just have to get some of the excess product off the brush before I use it since it’s a brand new tube). I got the colour brown, but my Mom and Aunt tried the blonde. My mom has “arctic blonde” hair (aka white)… and my aunt is blonde. They have both found any other eyebrow product far too harsh and dark on their brows. They both LOVED Boy Brow in blonde. It is a light enough colour and product for even white or blonde hair. Neither of them had much experience applying a brow gel but again the product is so easy to use and forgiving they didn’t have a problem using it. Rating: 5/5

Vinylic Lip

I wasn’t sure about this product but I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered this in the colour Pony and wow, it is such a beautiful warm nude tone and so comfortable to wear. It has a perfect amount of shine and lasts a decent amount of time for a gloss type product. Again really want to try some other colours! Rating: 4/5

Balm Dotcom

I got this as a gift from my friend Claudia and it is the best replacement to my old chapstick ever. It is so moisturizing and I have loved the two I have tried. I have the birthday Balm Dotcom which tastes AMAZING – just like cake batter. It is clear, shiny, with just a touch of sparkle. My sister got the berry Balm Dotcom and I also loved it. It has a subtle purple tint and again tastes amazing. I really want to try the cherry next which has a slight red tint. Rating: 4/5

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