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The Best Cosmetics Organizer

What was a spur of the moment purchase years ago at Ikea, has ended up being one of the best investments I have made. These organizers are a life saver. I fall somewhere between being a messy person and a tidy person. If something has a place, I stay organized. If I don’t have a place for everything, a mess can get out of hand. For makeup, cosmetics, and hair accessories, these organizers have saved me. They made a bathroom drawer that could have become chaos into a well oiled organized machine. A dresser top that could have become covered haphazardly structured and organized.

Like most things, I didn’t appreciate the difference they made until I didn’t have them. We moved in with my parents in a flurry a few weeks ago (more on that later) and I just packed my cosmetics in my makeup bag. After one morning of trying to get ready, rifling through my cosmetic bag, not being able to find anything, then leaving a bomb in my wake, I knew I needed my organizers back ASAP. They are now on my list of must haves anywhere I am living. Another bonus is the hard plastic is super easy to clean in comparison to a cloth makeup bag – they look like new even after years us daily use. With my renewed appreciation for them, I wanted to share in case you are also in need of some cosmetic organization! Here are the links to the ones I have:

This one is perfect for makeup, creams and brushes since it has multiple slots and holders. It makes doing my makeup so much easier since everything is visible and organized. It also helps to contain my many (maybe too many?) creams, serums, and other skincare. I keep this on my dresser to make getting ready in the morning a breeze.

This one, with its collection of different sized boxes, is perfect for organizing a drawer in the bathroom. I use it to contain floss, hair elastics, mousse, hair serums, q-tips, cotton rounds, the list goes on! Instead of everything floating and rolling around in one big drawer, it keeps everything in its place.

This shallower one I don’t own yet but I think it would be perfect for helping to organize jewellery. Next time I am at Ikea I will definitely add this to the collection!

What are your tips for staying organized? Do you have any favourite products for organizing your makeup and cosmetics? I’d love to hear!

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