Little Joys

Recently I started changing my computer’s desktop background at the beginning of each month to mix things up. I’ve been surprised by how happy it makes me to open my computer and see a new picture. With many stressful weeks under my belt, and many more on the horizon, this small moment of joy got me thinking about how sometimes the small joys in the day can make such a difference. Here are some other small joys that I relish:

  • Drinking my morning coffee out of an actual mug, not a travel mug. Most days I am on the run in the mornings and take my coffee to go in my Contigo (which I am not dissing btw… I HIGHLY recommend. They are spill-proof and keep things hot for hours… but alas, that is a story for another day). But Contigo coffee is necessity coffee. It is chug it to keep your eyes open coffee. So on the days when I get to do the opposite- sit down with an actual mug of coffee and sip it slowly (and not burn my mouth) and have a coffee for the sake of enjoying it, I REALLY enjoy it. 
  • To up the ante of the previous joy, I AM OBSESSED with drinking coffee in bed while watching an episode of a TV on a weekend morning. It never fails to make me feel like I just woke up in a five-star hotel.
  •  Applying a Saje essential oil roller when I get home from work. The ritual of applying it combined with the fact that it smells great and has a relaxing scent always helps me unwind. I usually follow this up by curling up on the couch under my softest blanket, which doesn’t hurt either.
  • Doing the Toronto star Sodoku and Crossword. I find these so relaxing and try to do one most mornings with my breakfast (time permitting of course)!
  • Crawling into bed with freshly changes sheets (bonus points if your house/room are clean too 😉 )
  • Putting on dry, warm sweats or pj’s after changing out of a wet, cold bathing suit
  • The smell of early morning humidity – it always takes me back to Disney World vacations and summer camps

What are your “little joys”? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for having me on the blog today! I am wishing everyone a relaxing morning filled with coffee and crosswords (or whatever your joys may be!).

– Tori


  • Emma

    Love these! Small joys are seriously getting me through.

    – Washing my hands with a delicious smelling soap
    -Putting on loungewear/pjs and getting all cozy at the end of a busy day!
    -An invigorating crisp autumn walk before most of the world is up (this happens rarely lol, but it’s so good when it does!)
    -Lighting a scented candle
    -Reading a book in a hot bath!

  • Emma

    Also forgot to say – literally just this month changed my desktop and phone backgrounds and can’t believe what a little joy it is!

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