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Knix Underwear Review

Knix underwear, people- where have these been in my life for the past 15 years?! I guess it’s better late than never! I cannot recommend Knix Leakproof Underwear enough. You can tell that they were designed to fit a product gap. Created by women, for women. Designed out of the frustration with the status quo of period and leakproof options available. The star products in my opinion include the Dream Short and the Leakproof Underwear. While I have been using the leakproof underwear during my period, I should also mention that they equally intended for light bladder leakage. Apparently, postpartum bladder leaking is what inspired the founder Joanna to make the first pair of Knix.

After using this underwear, my period has gone from an annoyance to no big deal. In fact, one day I even caught myself feeling, could it possibly be excited? that my period was starting because it meant I could wear my new favourite underwear.

At first, I was very hesitant with the idea of “re-usable” period underwear. Would it be gross? How would it wash out? Would it feel like wearing a freakin’ diaper? After months of use I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised! They are machine washable and wash up super well. Every time you order underwear from Knix, they send you a free washing/delicates bag. I just put the underwear in the delicates bag, throw it in the washing machine, then hang to dry.

I am happy to report they are also wayyy more comfortable than pads or liners and aren’t bulky to wear in the slightest. The other amazing thing is that they are all seamless. No underwear lines here!

I typically opt for cotton underwear for breathability, so I made sure to investigate Knix’s materials. The body of the undies is a stretchy and breathable Nylon – it is so soft and buttery feeling. The liner top layer is made of 86% cotton, 10% spandex, and 4% carbon. The absorbent layer is made of a moisture trapping polyester with a waterproof membrane to prevent leaks. The lining material is intended to wick away moisture and be anti-microbial. Personally, I have not found the materials to cause any irritation or breathability issues.

As an added bonus, it is nice to know that using the leakproof underwear products is environmentally friendly. It has significantly reduced how many single use period products I have had to use. While the price for the underwear is a bit more upfront, it has definitely saved me from having to buy more single use pads and tampons.

Here is a breakdown of the products I’ve tried and my thoughts!

The Dream Short:

A must try. So freaking comfortable. The short design with a high waist keeps you feeling super secure. These have a higher absorbency and larger surface area of absorption for overnight use. Since the liner isn’t bulky, I even love to wear these on days I don’t have my period- especially under dresses or skirts. The waist band on these is high and wide, hitting right at your belly button. I love wearing these so much I just bought a second pair!

Leakproof Underwear:

These are amazing. They just look like regular underwear! They are slightly less absorbent than the Dream Short, which keeps the liner very thin.  In fact, they are so comfy I even use them just for everyday wear – you don’t have to reserve them just for your period.  

I have three versions of the leakproof underwear: the bikini cut, high waisted, and the lace high waist. I LOVE all three. The bikini is the cut I am most used to so was my first purchase. The high waisted version provides a seamless silhouette under dresses or high waisted pants. The lace leakproof is great for days I want to feel more sexy or cute. I didn’t know lace could be this comfortable! All three versions are thin enough to wear everyday, with or without your period.

Super Leakproof Underwear:

The Super Leakproof is the newest addition to the Knix line up and is the most absorbent. They do have a thicker liner, but as always are super comfortable and wearable. Because of this high absorbency, these were to designed to used as a stand alone product on heavier days of your period. While I was skeptical, I am pleased to report they work great. I do reserve these for just my period since the liner is a bit thicker and longer.

Which products to use when (from my experience):

I use the regular leakproof underwear alone on the days when I can tell my period should start. This way I don’t have to stress about when my period will begin, I know I’m covered. Similarly, when my period is almost over, I wear them instead of a liner as stand alone protection since I don’t need much coverage at that point. In the middle of my cycle when things are heavier, I wear them with a tampon or menstrual cup as backup instead of a liner. With the recently launched Super Absorbent underwear, I even wear my Knix as stand alone protection.

Knix also makes regular ol’ undies without any extra period protection. I have the cult favourite Thigh Saver Short (designed to stop thigh chafing) and the regular Essential Underwear. Here are my thoughts on these:

Thigh Saver Shorts (not leakproof):

I have a funny story about these. I wanted to try the Thigh Saver for running and biking since I am now finding that regular shorts have a tendency to ride up while exercising. This “riding up” issue has me pulling at my shorts mid run and leaves my thighs exposed to chafe-city. Even though they clearly say UNDERWEAR in the description, I somehow decided I could use them as running and biking shorts – meaning I thought I could wear them alone.

Friends, I am here to tell you they are called underwear for a reason. I wore them for the first time on a bike ride with my husband. I was riding behind him for most of the trail. Towards the end of our ride, I rode ahead of him to take the lead. He peddled up beside my and informed me that the “shorts” I had been wearing for the past hour were in fact VERY see through. Ok, so maybe I can’t use them as shorts, but I am here to tell you they rock as underwear.

I now wear them under other spandex or shorts. They are super comfortable and DO. NOT. MOVE. Running, biking, working out, they do not ride up at all. I have also loved them for under dresses on hot days when you don’t want your thighs touching or having to have your skin stick to anything.

Essential Underwear (not leakproof):

These are Knix’s regular underwear, meaning NOT leakproof. These are comfortable and really nice (as to be expected with any Knix products), but honestly I would rather wear the leakproof underwear even on days without my period. I wouldn’t bother buying these and just get more of the leakproof version (in my opinion). The regular leakproof underwear are far more versatile since they are comfortable to wear with or without your period. The essential underwear is expensive for just being regular underwear. These did not blow me away like I was the leakproof products.

My Recommendation:

Must Haves: Dream Short, Leakproof Underwear (regular, not Super)

The Bonus: Thigh Saver

Skip It: Essential Underwear

Have you tried any of the Knix products? What were your thoughts? Do you have any favourite period underwear? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

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