I Got It From My Momma: Embracing Arctic Blonde

My sister and I have both been finding white hairs sprinkled into our curly brown hair since university. They are now starting to come in STRONG above our ears. You would think this would be devastating news to two women in their 20’s. Surprisingly, not at all. We are both loving having some white sprinkled in. I truly think the biggest reason for this is our mom. She shared a similar story of going white early and has embraced it with open arms. Her hair has become her signature. She calls it “Arctic Blonde” which I love since it embodies her choosing her hair colour. It also sounds BadASS!

Thats not to say that I won’t colour my hair or get highlights when the white starts to take over. But I am excited to roll with it and make it my own. I asked my mom to share her experience with her hair going white. I hope it gives others the confidence that she has given my sister and I!

Mom’s Story:

I was 21 years old when I first notice those few “white” strands sneaking into my brunette hair. According to my mother, it was my grandfather’s fault – apparently, he was completely white by the time he was 21.

I neither really loved nor hated the white strands. As they continued to increase in numbers though and a particularly noticeable patch at my forehead appeared, I decided to do something about them.

I was never a big fan of the idea of colouring your hair. Having to do it every 6 weeks was both a pain and expensive – plus as a busy mom of three little kids; who had the time! I also hated the look of grey roots which would have been inevitable if you didn’t keep to your colouring schedule.

I decided highlights were the way to go. Highlights allowed me to blend the white with my natural colour. Highlighting my hair was perfect. I actually received lots of compliments on the look. This lasted through my 20’s and 30’s.

In my late 30’s, the white was taking over and even highlighting wasn’t doing the trick. It was decision time… start colouring my hair or embrace what my grandfather had given me.

I chose to embrace it! It was quite liberating and so much easier. Knowing the white had the potential to prematurely “age” me, I opted for a young, edgy cut. I also adopted the idea of the colour being “arctic blonde”. Even with my new colour, I still got lots of compliments on my hair.

I also try to care for my colour. It is important for me to keep my white hair looking white and not yellow or muted. I use purple shampoos that keep that brassy yellow out and the white in.

Just before COVID, I decided to grow my hair out….time for a new style. I’m still working on what the cut should be, but whatever the style, I am proud of my arctic blonde tresses!

Thanks so much mom! I love how you touch on not hating or loving the white hair when it started to come in – it just was what it was. Instead, you embraced the reality in a way that worked for you and made you feel confident.

I also love following some other arctic blond/silver queens on Instagram. Accidental Icon, Grece Ghanem, Maye Musk, Salt and Pepper Pixie and Carla Martin are amazing for white and grey hair inspiration. So chic and sophisticated!

What did you “get from your momma”? Are any of you starting to find white or grey hair? What are your feelings towards it?

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  • Nancy Bingeman

    I love your Mom’s hair….and especially the “Arctic Blonde“ colour. I did a similar thing. In my earlier 30’s I started turning grey (I have brown hair with red highlights). I tried dye for a number of years but found myself back at the hairdressers for touch ups every 4-6 weeks. Then I started 2-tone highlights (one colour my natural colour and the other a blonde) which was great for a few decades. But then the grey came in faster so now I do 2-tone highlights… my normal colour and one colour an “arctic blonde” and now go can go almost 6 months without highlights (especially great during COVID). Hopefully soon my grey will take over and I can have lovely “Arctic Blonde”hair like your Mom.

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