For Your Coffee Scrolling…August

How have you been? What did you get up to for the long weekend? We went away for the first time in months. My husband and I went up north with my parents to their trailer on Georgian Bay. We enjoyed slow mornings with coffee, read books, played cards, and had the best campfires every night. I forgot how important it is to have a change in pace and scenery.

I wanted to share some things I have been loving lately. I’m the person who, if I like something, will watch/listen/eat/do it on repeat for weeks on end. What can I say, I like what I like! Here are some things I have been obsessed with lately:

I just bought this coffee mug and I’m obsessed. The beautiful soft pink colour…I mean come on. It’s like a sunrise at sunrise! It’s the only mug I have been using. I will even hand wash it (*gasp*) if it is dirty and hasn’t made it into the dishwasher. Is it just me, or does your morning coffee taste so much better if it is out of your favourite mug?

I have been loving watching Katie Jane Hughes‘ Instagram stories and IGTV. It is so relaxing to watch her makeup tutorials. She has also inspired me to update my makeup products. I think since there is so much out of my control these days, it has been nice to put on some makeup to make me feel in control of my day. Thanks to Katie’s stories I purchased brow flick, endless cacao liner, faux tan bronzer, and this beautiful Ilia lipstick. I must say, I love every product, and have been using them daily.

Speaking of the above, I also found the most amazing beauty product page called Shop My Shelf. It lists the go-to products of different makeup artists, dermatologists and hair stylists. My favourite pages are (unsurprisingly) Katie Jane Hughes and the dermatologists Shereene Idriss, Jenny Liu, and Papri Sarkar. Such a great resource!

I figured out this weekend that I am a terrible book reader – I cannot read in moderation. For some reason I can’t be a normal person and read a chapter, stop and do other things, then resume the book. I am either not reading anything at all, or if I do start a book, I am dead to the world and have to finish it THAT day. This weekend I devoured The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Normal People.

I have been OBSESSED with these country songs and have been blasting them over and over: Close by Jade Eagleson, Family Tree by Caylee Hammack, Home to Me by Ross Ellis. They are perfect for your summer road trip playlist.

The other thing I am loving is my Mejuri Hoop earrings. I have not taken them off since I bought them months ago. They are even comfortable to sleep in so I just leave them in 24/7. The “Between Hoops” are the Goldilocks of earrings – the perfect size. They are large enough to be noticed but small enough that I don’t snag them or get them caught.

I have been making versions of this watermelon, feta and basil salad every chance I get. It just tastes like summer. I prefer mine dressed with just a bit of olive oil or balsamic reduction. Sometimes I will add some fresh greens or lettuce and use the watermelon more as a topping. Both ways are fantastic!

What have you been obsessed with the past few weeks? I’d love to hear what you have been enjoying wearing, reading, listening to, or eating!

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