The Only Bra I Will Ever Wear

My first attempt at a no-underwire bra was with a bralette. While it was fine for around the house, it did not provide enough “nipple smoothing” to be work appropriate. It had no padding, just a thin piece of fabric, so I also didn’t love the shape it created under clothes. Then I tried one with removable padding… fuck I hate removable boob pads. They never retain their shape, they get all folded and creased, and are a pain in the ass to wash. I flat out refuse to spend one more minute of my life trying to fit a boob pad back into a bra through a tiny ass slit. Nope. Not doing it. I would rather have my nipples showing through à la Jen Aniston in Friends.

Anyways…. finally, at long last, I found my all around winner, the holy grail of wireless bras. It is comfortable but also provides shape and nipple smoothing on even the coldest of days 😉 Enter the Aerie Real Sunnie Lightly Lined Wireless Bra. Under dress clothes for work? The perfect seamless silhouette. Weekend brunch? Comfortable enough to get me out of my pyjama top. Forgot a sports bra for the gym? No worries, I have exercised in this and didn’t notice it a bit.

I now have 5 Aerie wireless bras and they are the only bras I wear. However, back when I only had two of them, both were in the wash so I wore my “most comfortable” wired bra to work. I was horrified. It was so uncomfortable in comparison to my usual Aerie bras. I kept having to do the boob shuffle and I could feel the metal poking me. I literally could not wait to get home and take it off.

The other fantastic thing about these bras is that they wash up like a drrream. Hand-washing “delicates”?? I do not have the time …lets get real, the patience for that. It’s everybody in the tub in my house. I just throw them in the washing machine with my other clothes on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. They miraculously don’t lose their shape or stretch out. My original two bras are still kicking and in great shape even though they have been worn for years. I always hear that most women don’t wash their bras enough… well that’s because it’s a pain in the ass – see my above thoughts on hand-washing. Being able to throw them in the washer allows me to wash my bras weekly if I need.

The other wonderful thing is the fabric, colours and cut are super cute. The fabric is silky soft and has just the right amount of stretch. I also love that there is no texture to the bra so it is seamless and silky under even the thinnest white t-shirt. The price also rocks. They are regularly about $55, however they always go on sale where you can get them for $25-$35.

I also wanted to add that the original Sunnie bra had zero metal – no underwire, no clasps, no metal strap adjusters. The new version does have metal strap length adjusters. This might make it more versatile for different bodies which would be nice! If you are looking for completely metal free, the cross-back version still has no metal parts.

Are you a diligent hand-washer of your delicates or do you just chuck everything in that washing machine? What are your go-to comfortable bras? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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