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I wanted to take a break from posting these past couple of weeks to support the movements happening right now. Like many, most of what I have been reading lately has been around educating myself further on the Black Lives Matter Movement, systemic discrimination, white privilege and bias. I wanted to share resources and posts that I have found helpful. I would love if you would share with me any you have been reading.

This free bias test by Harvard University is a must do. I have already done the race (Black – White) test and the weight (fat – thin) bias tests. This is such a great way to realize that even if you don’t think you carry biases, years of life experiences in a society that discriminates undoubtedly leaves you with subconscious biases. It’s important to realize we still have work to do.

This guide to white privilege

This great resource that breaks down how to be a Non-Optical Ally

A letter to a white man from himself and this uncomfortable conversations with a Black man series.

This fantastic diagram (featured above) by Andrew M. Ibrahim

People to follow on Instagram. Some I have been following for a long time, others I am new to: Dr. Ibran X. Kendi, Rachel Cargle, Ohhappydani, doctor.darien, findingpaola, laurascottandco, shirlywhirlmd, ceceolisa, jesseasparks, kimb_ra, iamtabithabrown, Alyssa Gray-Tyghter

This link to a google doc “Justice in June” which has suggested educational resources and a schedule if you can devote 10 minutes, 25 minutes or 45 minutes per day towards educating yourself.

What resources have you found eye-opening? What have you been doing to educate yourself on these issues? What BIPOC individuals are you loving following on social media?

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