Home Ownership – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We bought our house almost 3 years ago and have absolutely loved making it our home. However, it hasn’t been without some surprises and “adulting” reality checks. Overall, we have loved living together and having a space to make our own. Here is what has surprised me most about home ownership so far – the good, the bad and the ugly!

I also attached some photos of our house at the moment if you would like to see – I always love home tours of other peoples houses. We still have a few projects on the go and its not perfect, but it’s ours. I figured it would be fun in quarantine to virtually invite you all into our house. Come on over!

The Good

  1. Complete control: There is something so nice about not having to answer to anyone when it comes to home design decisions. We have been able to make each space into what we need it to be. For instance, our guest room most often functions as my husbands work dressing room so he doesn’t wake me up in the morning. Additionally, if we want to change something, we can. For instance, we are building a deck and redoing our fence this summer. It’s so nice to be able to go ahead with these projects without having to get a landlord or owners approval.
  2. Having your own space: Not having to deal with any roommates (aside from each other ;)) or neighbours in close proximity has been a huge plus. We can have quiet when we want and be loud and rambunctious (usually during a family get together) late into the evening without having to worry. Also, having our own outdoor green space to host backyard BBQ’s is great in the warmer months.
  3. Your work = your benefit: When you clean/build/renovate you get to enjoy all the benefits. Jonathon has always enjoyed “chorin'” and has renovated our laundry room, basement, deck, front yard, and office. We get to enjoy all of the renovations and updates (once they are done of course) and adjust things to suit our needs. When I deep clean the house or reorganize I get to relax knowing everything is exactly how I like it. This has been such a nice change from having roommates… if you’ve ever had roommates, you know.
  4. Financial: Boring but true. While the advice for quite a while was to rent instead of buy, for us owning a home has been a great way invest. Instead of giving rent money to someone else, we are building equity. Also any money spent improving the house or renovating will hopefully add to our investment in the end.

The Bad

  1. Never. Ending. Chores: Ok, so this may be a big adulting lesson, but there is so much work that come with having a home. Between taking out the garbage every week, cleaning, laundry, cooking, cleaning again, did I mention cleaning?, gardening, snow removal, mowing the lawn, oh wait did something break and needs to be fixed? – thats on you too kid! The to-do list seriously never ends.
  2. That shit is expensive: I now have a whole new respect for my parents. Between property taxes, hydro, heating, AC, mortgage payments – the costs of owning a home are no joke. I don’t think I realized growing up how expensive providing a comfortable place to live really is!

The Ugly

  1. The BIG BOYS (the unexpected and expensive): The biggest surprise for me has been dealing with these “events”. We had a big plumbing issue that we discovered after moving into the house that eventually involved digging up part of the backyard to replace the line. It was disruptive and hella expensive. I may have shed a few tears as fixing plumbing is not a glamorous way to spend money. However as my dad has always said, “it’s just the price of doing business”. Having it fixed was a must and we now have peace of mind knowing our laundry room and second bathroom function properly.

Overall we have loved having our own home. While there have been many lessons learned (and I’m sure many more to come), the benefits of having a place to call our own has been so rewarding.

What have you loved most about having your own place? Were there any surprises or lessons you’ve learned along the way? I would love to hear!

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