A Quarantine Outfit Story – The Smash + Tess Romper

A PSA (Public Spencer Announcement) if you are not already aware… Smash + Tess rompers are seriously a game changer! I ordered my first S+T Romper at Christmas during their Black Friday sale. My first purchase was the Tuesday Romper in black… I then loved it so much I gifted myself the Friday Romper in Sienna (Sienna is not available at the moment but Chai is). Let me tell you, these 100% win as my best purchases of 2020 so far. Present Pandemic Spencer is currently thanking Past Spencer for the most timely purchase I have ever made. 2020 may forever be known as the year of loungewear.

I have never been able to wear rompers before. Given that I am almost 6 feet tall (5 ft 11 and change) with a long torso, any other romper I have tried ends up with a horrible camel toe and wedgie situation. Not exactly comfortable or flattering. I had read that the S+T rompers fit even us tall ladies, and they weren’t lying! In a size M, the romper actually fits, and with room to spare! It is seriously a miracle.

Before quarantine they were the perfect outfit to go over to my parents house for a low key dinner. They are cute enough to feel fun, but comfortable enough to feel like glorified pyjamas. The material is a silky soft cotton blend that is stretchy but doesn’t stretch out. I can wear the romper all day every day. I throw on a jacket or sweater to go out to eat or run errands. Swap out the jacket for some slippers and now I’m ready to watch a movie on the couch. I find it makes my life so easy, instead of having to pick a top and bottom, a one piece outfit = less decisions (yes that is the ultimate statement of laziness but its true, so sue me ;)).

Are you wondering if bathroom breaks are annoying? No not really. While there is no butt flap situation, the rompers are stretchy enough to easily get up and down without a hastle. The only time it’s a pain is if you are wearing a sweatshirt or shirt over your romper – then you have to climb out of that before you can get to the romper.

As for quarantine times, the rompers are what I have been living in (as you can see by all of these photos). They are perfect to change into after a long day at work. They make me feel put together on the weekends for Facetime calls with friends and family, and are comfortable enough for just relaxing at home. These rompers were seriously MADE for this shit. They are gods gift to quarantine.

I also may have pre-ordered the Jillian Harris x Smash + Tess Romper in Charcoal – whoopsies … shall we call it retail therapy? It is made of the same fabric but in a heavier weight and has a zipper up the front. I cannot wait to try it!

Have you gotten on the romper train? What are you wearing non stop during quarantine? What are your lounge-wear recommendations?

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  • Emma Sawatzky

    Ohhh I LOVE a romper! My rompers are usually a bit more structured/have a less comfortable fabric so these look IDEAL for our new season of quarantine chic!

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