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Fangirling over Alison Roman

I have a confession – I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Alison Roman. I kinda want to be her (I’ll settle for channelling her) or at least be her new best friend. She has the most laid-back, down to earth personality that is reflected in her cooking and style. Her videos and cookbooks have become my inspiration for having people over. I look to her for ideas for hosting laid back get togethers centred around delicious food. She will also most definitely inspire my outfit choice for the evening! Here are the ways I channel my inner AR:


Her approach to having people over is so refreshing and unfussy. She is the antithesis to Martha Stewart. AR exchanges a posh dinner party with matching napkins and fine china for a relaxed serve yourself affair with paper towel napkins. However, much like Martha before her, AR not only talks about the food and recipes, but also about how to host friends and family – she tackles the whole evening. From what guests can bring, to what to prep ahead, to how to set up a bar, its more than just the food – its setting the scene.

Her tips and the environment that she creates is much more reflective of what my actual life looks like. For instance, like AR, if you come over to my house at the time I actually stated, I too will probably just be hopping out of the shower. Asking guests to bring something? Totally appropriate. Don’t have room in the fridge to chill the wine, how about filling the bathtub with ice? Doing dishes as a guest is a must and should always involve a dance party. Mismatched dishes? Perfectly imperfect. Take a look at her NY Times Cooking videos, if you haven’t checked them out.


I love her approach to life. She doesn’t take herself or her food too seriously. She keeps things very real and unfiltered – it’s so refreshing. Since she lives in New York, her kitchen space is small and far from ideal. But this just makes her that much more relatable!

Watching her cook in her apartment makes me want to move to NYC, walk down to the local butcher shop or farmers market to get my locally sourced ingredients… ahhh a girl can dream. This solo NYC girl making the most of her small apartment and kitchen space is my real life, new and improved “Sex and the City”… shall we call it “Chef and the City”?


Her recipes are not overly complicated but focus on food that just tastes good. She is a girl after my own heart as she loves vegetables and treats them right. No sad afterthought mushy vegetables here, they are the star of the show. My favourite vegetable recipes from her cookbook include: Escarole salad with spicy bread crumbs, mustardy green beans, citrus and tahini roasted carrots, and crushed baby potatoes with dill.

I also adore how AR is making the “serve yourself” bar cool again. Her cookbook highlights a martini bar and a baked potato bar – my next hosting event may be an ode to the bar!

She has also revolutionized the one pot meal with the viral “The Stew” and “The Stew Two” (linked below). Both recipes are centered around pantry staples making them a perfect option when your fridge is looking a tad sparse. She also performed a miracle by somehow making the humble bean the star of the show.


I cannot tell you how much I love her style. Her hair. Her Makeup. And of course – her CLOTHES!! Could she be any cuter? I adore her vintage, off beat style. She has inspired me to rock some high waisted jeans with a quirky shirt tucked in. And of course the red lipstick. Her cookbooks almost read like a fashion magazine for me. Statement earrings and rings featured next to a bowl of dip. Bold red nails holding a platter of chicken. The cutest up-do and jacket in the supermarket. I’m always excited to see what outfit she is wearing in her latest NY Times Cooking video. Check out her “Wake up with me – via Glossier” video.

Have you gone down the Alison Roman rabbit hole like I have? Who do you love following for recipe and hosting inspiration? What are your biggest hosting tips and tricks?

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