Plants Even I Can’t Kill

There once was a fiddle-leaf fig tree in my house… it is no longer. After bringing it home from Ikea, its leaves were one by one turning brown and falling off. I read somewhere that they like humidity, so in an attempt to revive it, I took it into the bathroom while I showered. When I put it back in its regular spot it went even more downhill, lost all of its leaves and died. I later read the worst thing for them is shocks in temperature or condition… whoopsies. Needless to say, I am not a plant whisperer and do not have a green thumb, but I do enjoying having real plants in my house. The ones that are still kickin’ even though I mostly neglect them and have a very shaded house are as follows:

Snake plant – Super pretty and sculptural and somehow seem to thrive on neglect? I told my sister to get one as she was having similar issues with her apartment having no direct sunlight and had managed to kill a cactus a few months earlier. Despite her snake plant getting no direct sunlight and getting very intermittent watering, it is still alive!

ZZ plant – This one is growing the quickest of all of my plants so far. It is also so beautiful with the prettiest leaves.

Yucca tree – My most recent purchase. It seems to be doing pretty well even given the indirect light and cooler temperature of our downstairs.

Succulent: Even though it almost died (I forgot to water it for months) once I moved it to the windowsill for some sun and gave it some good ol’ H2O, it bounced back and is still kicking!

Some others I would like to try that I have heard are pretty hearty:

Spider plant – These remind me of my grandparents house, which would be just lovely. Apparently very easy to care for.

Philodendron or Pothos – Trailing plants, I want to try them on a shelf or ledge. Apparently they can handle low light – perfect!

Cast Iron plant – Require indirect light and would rather be a bit dry than too wet. Sounds good to me!

Do I dare try a Monstera? I love the look of them, apparently they are a medium care plant and can handle a cooler temperature and indirect light…. What do you think?

Where to buy?

  • Ikea – where I bought my ZZ plant and snake plants
  • Home Depot, Lowes or other hardware stores
  • Online – I haven’t tried this, but apparently you can buy house plants from online retailers. Anyone have any experience with this?
  • Local nurseries

What are your favourite plants in your home? Are you an expert green-thumb or a clueless collector like me?

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  • Karen Candy

    I too, tend to neglect my plants so they need to be pretty hardy in order to survive at my house! I would highly recommend a Dwarf Umbrella Tree. It likes in direct light, cooler temperatures and in frequent watering. I’ve had it for more than years and its still growing. The other nice thing…it fairly narrow and grows vertically so it doesn’t take up much space!!!

  • Nancy Bingeman

    I will definitely have to try these plants! Especially the ones that allow for neglect. Although I love plants in my home I have a lot of trouble keeping them alive particularly when I am away as my family forgets to water them. I also didn’t know IKEA sold live plants…much more economical than buying them at a nursery.
    Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

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