For Your Coffee Scrolling…

Here is what I’m reading this week with my morning coffee. What articles or posts are you enjoying?

This beautifully written article.

My new favourite app! How did I not know about this?!

This house tour makes me want to buy a can of black paint and have at ‘er!

I love this interview with Shereene Idriss. I find it so interesting to see what a dermatologist’s beauty and skincare routine looks like.

This cake sounds delightful, I can’t wait to make it.

Fun to see what was in the second Jilly Box! I am already a huge fan of Knix underwear and Smash and Tess rompers.

Such a great sports story!

Glossier dropped a new matte eyeshadow product this morning called Skywash… I have my eye on Terra and Echo.

Finally, this video is going viral, and so it should.

Photo from Into the Gloss

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