Work Pants that Won’t Cause a Morning Meltdown

In what has now become folklore in my family, let me tell you the infamous “pants” story…

I was living with my sister in Kingston where she was doing her Masters and I was on clinical rotation at the hospital. She had just started dating (her now fiancé) Chris earlier that year. She had a small apartment with 1 double bed for us to share, where as Chris had a full house with a guest room… which living situation do you think we chose? That is how we both ended up essentially living at Chris’ for 6 weeks.

One very early morning when we were all getting ready for our workdays, I put on my dress pants and…Was. NOT. Having. It. They were uncomfortable. They were pinching. They were tight. They were wrinkled. What once I had previously tolerated, I had lost all patience for after watching my sister brush her teeth in her comfy Lulu pants. Chris, sensing my terrible mood, innocently asked if I was ok. I said without missing a beat “Nope!! I f*$%ing hate my pants, so I f*%$#ing hate everything!!” Dramatic? Maybe. Truthful? 100%.

 Since that moment, I only wear pants that set me up for a happy, comfy, and good day. Why compromise on comfort when there are so many professional, breathable, not wrinkly, nice looking options! Here I have rounded up my favourites to avoid any future morning meltdowns…

1) Lululemon On The Fly (black full length, 7/8 Crop). These are so versatile and comfortable! I prefer the Luxtreme fabric over the woven.

2) Lululemon Essential High Rise Trouser – My most recent addition, I have them in Olive and love them! Perfect for tucking in a shirt.

3) Lululemon On the Move Pant (black and knit grey) … I don’t know if they make these any more but damn they are good!

4) Reitmans Straight Iconic Pant – comfy and look nice but don’t last as long as the Lulu ones, but reasonable given difference in price point.

5) Everlane Side-Zip Work Pant or Kick Crop Work Pant. I haven’t tried these yet but have heard great things. Have you tried them?

As you can see, Lulu dress pants are my JAM!! They wash like a dream, don’t wrinkle, look nice, and are so comfortable! I’ve had two pairs for probably 3 years, wear them every week, and they still look like new! I always wait for the Black Friday sales to stock up or hit up the outlet to save some moula.

These also make fantastic travel pants as I found out on my honeymoon! They don’t wrinkle and are so versatile – you can dress them up for a nice dinner but still be comfortable enough to go for a walk and eat your weight in pasta.

What are your go-to work pants? I’d love to hear!

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  • Tori

    So glad to finally have these all rounded up in one list! I also love the On the Fly full length pants. For other tall ladies, the Lululemon website sometimes sells an On the Fly full length in a TALL. I bought a pair and at 5’10” they fit perfectly as full length pants.

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