What did you get up to for New Years? We had our annual get together at my parents house with family and friends. I have never been much of a board game fan, but do like games that are more interactive. This year what stole the party was Telestrations (specifically Telestrations After Dark –the adult version). Have you played? It was so fun! We were all laughing so hard out faces and stomachs were hurting! If you haven’t, it is basically a mash up of Telephone and Pictionary. One person has to draw a word then pass to the left. The next person, looking only at the drawing has to guess the word or phrase, write it down, then pass to the left. The next person again draws a picture of the word but going only on the guess from the person before. Repeat x8 people. The words and phrases can get so messed up by then end and seeing everyone’s drawings are hilarious. Highly recommend.

Other games we love playing at family get togethers:

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